September 11 2001: 12 years on

On this day 12 years ago something happened.

What that something was and who was responsible for it it still hotly debated.

Three very large building in New York were destroyed and many people lost their lives.

Debates about regarding planes, bombs, missiles, thermite, the legion of trucks seemingly at the ready to cart away the remains of buildings.

One thing is certain; this event was the excuse for two large wars and occupations (Iraq and Afghanistan) in the middle east and the significant erosion of human and civil rights around the world.

Terrorism became an everyday word rather than something mentioned in a news cast of a far away war torn land.

It’s because of the terrorism

So rather then re ignite the exceptionally polarizing debate around  the events of September 11 2001, let’s remember this was the day the struggle to retain your rights in the 21st century started.

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