Clive Palmer in the Senate of Doom

Surprisingly (or perhaps not surprising given the size of the chequebook), Clive Palmer’s Palmer United Party (PUP) has gained senate seats forming part of the wedge in the current senate.


Rumor has it he will vote against any bill until there is electoral reform.


What radical electoral reforms is he seeking?


Use of pens not pencils on ballot papers so votes cannot be altered after being cast.


Hardly radical, in this day and age.


ID required for voting, so that there can be certainty that people are not casting extra votes, or using other peoples votes.

Again hardly radical, in fact both recommendations seem quite sensible.


With the update senate vote count there are now just 8 senators in the wedge and the Liberal coalition will need all 6 to get a bill passed, being that the two PUP senators will vote no until electoral reform is implemented.


I guess we all suspected Clive would use his political clout to make himself more wealthy, He may still do that, but perhaps he’s too rich to care about money.

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