Australia Decides


The next australian election.
Looks like a catholic erection.
Make us swallow their selection.
A choice between fabian masons.
The country is losing its reason.
We are about to be screwed without condoms.
No first date, or flowers, just game on,
It must be the silly season..
We are voting for who is in charge of the looting,
the border patrol, the police control, the racist buffooning.
No rhyme or reason for voting, the people are turning,
Out to vote for a mooning, a screwing, a tax shaving.
No policies meant for the caring, their shit we are eating,
The coming weeks will see a giant blood letting,
As the neo-con nut jobs give us a george bushing,                                                                          Hope no skyscrapers start falling.                                                                                                  Vote for the pirates or greenies, not the nationalist weenies,                                                        The religious intolerant bigots, the left is about to be screaming,                                                   as the war that is building comes calling.

The situation is the USA’s doing, by the president of droning.

So he can stand in the sun preening, while feeding us lies and becoming,
the thing that he’s fighting against, the worlds biggest terrorist, by bombing
A people into submission, they have done no wrong,
Better to build a world trading.
Than killing and invading and regime changing.
In the end we are all the same under the stars gleaming.

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  1. I liked it all apart from recommending that people should vote.

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