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Soap box and suggestions

soap box

So we have been going for almost a year now so we’d like to get some feedback from our legion of readers.

What issues do you care about and why?

What issues should we be looking into?

Have your say.

If we like your ideas, we’ll get onto it.

Tony Abbott demands: Stop reporting the boats!

tony stops the boats

Tony Abbott at his finest, its all downhill from here.


No more rose tinted glasses



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Islam: a religion of peace?

iraq and iran war stats memeIran- Iraq war 1980 – 1988

Fibre to the boat: broadband and assylum seeker solution

fibre to the boat

Find out the other 4 steps at:

From The Ministry Of Philosophy


Echos of Darkness

At 3:35 “…it’s a 30 year old conspiracy”.

2001-30 = 1971:


USA hits peak oil and abandoned the gold standard.

NYPD anti OWS protest tactics: by Paul Sullivan


Australian constitution: Annotated version by Quick and Garran

Here’s a great resource The Annotated version of the constitution By Quick and Garran, written quite shortly after the Australian Constitution was written.

This book offers interpretation of what the constitution actually means in law and how different sections, once combined with each other, offer greater clarity to each section and a deeper meaning.

So if you want to know what justification people use for not having a driver license, it’s all in here.


A driver is an occupation title; so if you are not paid to travel in an automobile, you do not need a license to do so.

If you get any grief about this, just ask this:

Do you have the pay slip that proves that I am/was the driver?

Of course they don’t so therefore you are not the driver, you are merely a traveler free to go about your affairs.

Furthermore if you do need a license because you are a professional driver, the license itself is available for free.

The Matrix Trilogy: Decoded by Mark Passio



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Another shorter review.


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