Occupy Sydney get Public support to help Sydney Homeless because Government do not.

Let them eat cake, no?



 Occupy Sydney have recently launched a 24 hour seven day Homeless Food and Resource Centre as a major activity of the 600 plus day old Occupy Sydney Occupation Protest in Martin Place, Australia’s Wall Street. The Resource Centre has been busy since its inception as word filters out to the Sydney Homeless Community.Operating totally without funding from businesses or government departments, the Occupy Sydney Homeless Resource Centre have distributed 100s of meals snacks and hot drinks daily as well as keeping pace with the steady demand for more blankets clothes and shoes for our Homeless Community struggling to cope with extreme costs of daily living and the burden of Marginalised people monetising Job Network Agencies hell bent of using unemployed people as tokens to share around their Training side partners- while in some cases providing consulting services to businesses of

 The Queens birthday weekend was particularly hectic as again the…

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