Link to Lateline Clip about Wikileaks Party Drama

True to form, these are the words of Sean Bedlam ex-Wikileaks Party Social Media Captain, quoted at about 1.30 min into the clip:

“Hi @WikiLeaksParty here’s my motherf***ing resignation. I’ve resigned … because the game playing was getting stinky as.”

Find a lengthier explanation by Sean at this link:

Supposedly John Shipton is the main culprit here, but I have no doubts that this leads back to Assange himself, who sounded more and more like a politician during the last few months.

Sean now calls himself a whistleblower. People are congratulating him on sticking to his principles. I guess if he had really stuck to his principles in the first place, he would not have gotten involved in party politics. Let this be a warning to all those who think they can change the world by entering politics in this day and age.

We are still awaiting Sean’s video, which will undoubtedly follow, as per our prediction on August 6 .

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  1. (admin can you please provide a link to the August 6 post , not sure how to do that.)

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