Emperor Napthine: More censorship, threats and evasion

Jessica Wright (of The Age) has been following the disturbing behavior of the Victorian state government Premier Denis ‘Emperor’ Napthine


Of course public figures don’t like it when interviewers go off topic, some consider this an ambush. It’s hard to answer questions you haven’t been briefed on but at the same time you can always say I’d like some time to investigate the  issue further based on new information, rather than storm out like a kid having a tantrum. You might say “OK he was having a bad day” but there seems to be a pattern of behavior emerging.


There are some topics that Emperor Napthine just doesn’t want talked about.


I think we called out Denis before, so in the interests of ‘I told you so’ and Thursday afternoon laziness, we slightly modified a previous meme, which still feels appropriate.

Emperor (Denis) Napthine at it again, this time Journalists need to be silenced.

Emperor (Denis) Napthine at it again, this time Journalists need to be silenced.

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