Welcome to Democracy, Aussie Style

This morning in Tecoma two buildings have been demolished on behalf of McDonalds Corporation. A sad day for the protesters who have fought so hard to prevent this from happening. While Tecoma appears to be losing the battle, along with other communities whose wishes are disrepected with the erection of inappropriate buildings and fast food outlets, one can only hope that this is a lesson for all.

The time has come for people to realize that our so-called democracy is in actual fact a corporatocracy and the battle against McDonalds can only be won on a national or global scale. As long as people eat there, more outlets will be built while Australia’s population keeps growing. And McDonalds is only one player in the global corporatocracy regime. They were allowed to grow big because people allowed them to : by supporting them. Only when the support is withdrawn on a massive scale can the tide turn.

This isn’t over. Even if McDonalds Tecoma gets built, there are other options : boycotting or discouraging people from eating ther or working there, but mostly by waking people up to the fact that corporations are taking over the world with, for the most part, the unconscious consent of the people.


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