This is your wikileaks party machine

Sean Bedlam was part of Occupy Melbourne and became known for his epic rage quits, even coming  back just to rage quit immediately complaining about people being interested in 9/11.

Of course now Sean has moved on to Wikileaks party

I wonder how long it will be before he is the star of a similar video  trashing Wikileaks party like he did with Occupy.

Probably about a month or two I’d say.

Whats wrong with this guy you might ask?

A dozen beers probably.

How does he manage this behavior?

A dozen beers, of course.

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  1. As predicted in the above article 3 weeks ago, Sean Bedlam did have a go at the Wikileaks party from which he resigned alledging dodgy preference deals and cover-ups. So yeah, lots of Brownie points to for reading the signs. never endorsed the Wikileaks party because does not endorse party politics in general. If you get involved in party politics you will have to accept the dirty dealings that go on behind closed doors and roll with the punches, otherwise you won’t last. Obviously Sean worked it out in the end, although he should have known better to begin with, being an experienced activist. In the end, it appears, the Wikileaks party became the very thing it criticised : non-transperent, secretive and dishonest. It appears that everything that goes through politics with noble intentions comes out as shit at the other end. Or maybe the Wiklleaks party with it’s libertarian leanings had good reasons for preferencing the Greens a little lower than was palatable for some of it’s socialist-leaning activists?

    In any case, in the second part of the above link Sean calls Julian Assange “a bit of a cunt”, so there!

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