95% of Child Rape and Molestation Convictions in the UK Were Committed by Muslims

sharia unveiled

UK Grooming 1

A Pattern of Exploitation

by, Paul Rogers | The Times of London

These are the results of an investigation into “Child Grooming” (Child Rape and Molestation) in the UK.

The Times identified 17 cases in which men groomed girls they met on the street. Most of the offenders were of Pakistani origin and most of the victims were white November

1997: Leeds

Mohammed Naim Rashid, 21: kidnap, rape, indecent assault, actual bodily harm. Seven years. Abid Hussain Sadique, 21: kidnap, rape. Four years. Leeds Crown Court.

Police uncover ring of private-hire drivers grooming girls as young as 12, using them for sex in room above taxi office and taking them to other towns. 23 arrests, 20 victims. Five charged. Delwar Hussain, 24: two counts of indecent assault. 15 months.

November 2003 & February 2005: Keighley

Shabir Ahmed, 32: indecent assault. 30 months. Bradford Crown Court.

Inquiry, codenamed Operation Parsonage, launched after complaints…

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  1. I know this is reblogged, but there is a logical error in the title:How can convictions be committed?
    I think it means that the rapes ending in conviction are committed. Apart from that it’s interesting. Having grown up in Europe with Muslim (Turkish) men whistling to me in the street from when I was 12, I am not surprised. There are probably many more cases that go unreported. The prophet himself had a six year old wife. I think the dressing up of women in veils etc is historically related to the fact that when Mohammed and his followers raided cities and killed and raped women in the name of Islam, they could distinguish the Muslim women from the others. So it was fine to rape “infidel” women. All this has it’s roots in the evil stupidity dressed up as religion called Islam, a pretty cover for barbaric practices.

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