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2013 – The Lucky Number?

Rumours of war and destruction of all.
It feels like the world is about to fall.
The future is cloudy as we hit the wall.
Slow collapse, empire of the mall.

If bombs don’t get you Fukushima will.
It is spewing radiation into the pacific at will.
Ignored by the masses but alternative media shrill.
Telling those who wish to hear about the X-ray pill,
that we are all about to take, making the water boil, all life ill.
Do you think the sea life is edible, whales killed off by radioactive krill?
The lesson from history is that too much greed kills.

Bee colony collapse is happening still.
Accelerating away, plant species are killed.
It’s rumoured Monsanto’s to blame, it was their evil deed.
If bees die off there will be no grain, bees, who can’t breed.
How they have kept it quiet but if all the bees die theres no feed.
The masses will starve, culprits make profits, and then they flee.
Even the lord needs bees to make flour for bread.

They want to resume the hunting of whales, a failed historical plan.
The whales are massive victims of man, luckily theres the Steve Irwin.
Once its started will it open the floodgates of the dam?
No moral license even if its the official meat of Japan.
Antarctica is not your dominion or your land,
These seas are not yours to plunder, I am no fan,
Of those who steal from the rest and create their own brand.

Like Nestle who wants to control all the water.
The CEO says it belongs to the corporates.
No human right for clean water but its ok to pay us,
Litter the planet by plastic bottles consumed by tonnes.
The pacific garbage patch will be melted by the earth’s anger,
when its had enough of abuse and brings forth volcanoes.

You see they are fracking and cracking the earth’s crust.
Chemicals down, poisoned water remains,pumped onto roads and runs off
Into the river, bubbling from broken wells and seeping methane gas.
The rich will not pay it will fall on the rest of us.
They will probably escape into space, or in a tardis

No regard at all for us.
The last ones on the bus.
But I will keep fighting till the planet is lost.
No miracles here, no messiah on toast.
Just us, the brave, the few, the last gasp.
Riding the Titanic down by clinging to the mast.
But the band is still playing the party is not over.
Rip out the cancer and a new future we can craft.
The people are going to have the last laugh.

Syria, Aleppo internet cut

Hard to be sure what has caused it, sabotage, or FSA rebels/ government trying to create communications black spots.

Some more fog of war for Syria

Power Trip

Powertrip, an interesting film about the struggle for power; electrical, economic and political, in the former soviet state of Georgia.

It’s worth pointing out that the USSR had reached peak oil just prior to its collapse into separate states, Georgia being one of them.

DIO real skills

A very interesting film about the former soviet state of Georgia undergoing an economic transition (from communism to capitalism)

It documents a power struggle both politically and electrically and the way people dealt with it on a day to day basis.

I’m attempting to find a better source.

The directors cut (AKA DVD extras) contains one persons story of a little homestead out of the main city that was quite a lifeline.

Interestingly, the elites who already had wealth, were trying to kill each other in their ‘power trip’, whereas the poorest people weren’t.


And just 6 short years after making this film Americans seem to be suffering from a similar economic transition (from capitalism to kleptocracy).

Perhaps Tbilisi was just an experiment in how far people could be pushed on electricity prices, and how to deal with how they respond.

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Weapons of mass distraction.

Syria Fear

Bullshit smear

Chemical lies

War is near.

Can you hear ?

The drumbeat there

Soldiers appear

Air strike rips the air.

Based on lies

We cried

“You lied”

Too many eyes,

Don’t take their lives.

We don’t hate them

Politicians send them,

Bomb never-ending,

Children were playing now screaming and dying.

This is my nightmare,

You don’t care

Agent orange burns off hair

You kill them I despair

Please stop the time is near

Russian nukes are pointed here,

And it seems you don’t care,

The bankers war is clear.

This is what local corruption looks like.

The ratepayers of Melton have been asking some hard questions of the local council. I went along to witness the breakdown in democracy caused largely because of corruption, the mayor’s husband is a property developer but this is not entered into the pecuniary interest ledger!

The Mayor and CEO are avoiding any questions relating to this fact.

Escaping cognitive dissonance


A quote from one of the founders of modern psychology, he is talking specifically about they way people are often trapped in cognitive dissonance, unwilling to accept unpleasant truths.

Road to World War 3 : Invasion Of Syria, More Blood For Oil


The real reason why the USA has invaded four Middle East countries already and prepares to invade more: The almighty Petro-Dollar.


Chemical weapons attack in Syria a false flag operation

The Britam email information is under question, though it does not detract from the rest of the information in the video. updates are pending.

original video youtube link gone…

Syria then and now: an anecdote.

A park near the four seasons Hotel in Damascus, Syria.

A park near the four seasons Hotel in Damascus, Syria.

I had an old friend who worked in the oil industry, sometime around 2008 he told me he was going to Syria to do some oil related work.

Clearly I was concerned for his safety, he was a little concerned but he was assured he would be safe by his employers and the money they were offering was good.

After his trip I was relieved to hear from him and heard his experience there.

He told me it was very safe, there was no crime or danger to himself. Of course an oil industry worker is going to be treated well, but it’s difficult to rose tint the experience that much.

Apart from the language barrier there we no real issues apart from the heat.

But the story that really amazed me was this:

He was walking back to his hotel one night at 10pm and walked past a playground as saw kids playing in a park unsupervised on a the typical kids park thing, swings slides climbing frames and he was very surprised and asked one of his translator hosts.

“Is this is safe and normal?”

The host seemed surprised as to why the scene could be so strange and said;

“Yes this is totally safe and normal”.

My friend thought to himself he would not feel safe in his own neighborhood park in a wealthy city the UK at 10pm, let alone children there.

But times have changed;

now the children of Syria can look forward to civil war, chemical weapons and it seems firing squads and arbitrary execution.

So you can say all you want about Syria under Assad, but at the very least law and order was under control, and now clearly it is not.

Yes this is a true story, maybe not exactly the same park as pictured but definitely a park in Syria no more than 5 years ago.

FSA Rebels Executing Children by Firing Squad for Supporting Bashar al-Assad (Video) – عاجل اعدام طفلين شيعة من قبل دولة العراق والشام الاسلامية

Firing squad to shoot children, yet another war crime in Syria.

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