It’s A Council Law, Not A Real Law

Your Laws are fake.

Your laws don’t exist.

Your authority is invalid.

Watch the documentary “Pirates of the Suburbs”part 2.

Local council mafia enlist police to enforce non-existent laws, while breaching conflict of interest regulations. And that’s only the beginning.This is happening all over Australia. Vote NO for constitutional recognition of councils, councils are  essentially corporations masquerading as government and  breeding grounds for corporate -politician -criminals who are committing fraud, theft and treason.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this video with your users. This is a very important issue that affects us all, particularly the Occupy movement as it is the councils that have you moved on/raided. This is top down control of everything we believe to be our democratic right. Question everything, leave no stone unturned and remember…we ARE the law.

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