Napthine Government Wages War on Victorian Paramedics

Napthines bans facebook for paramedics

In what appears to be a blatant attack on Victorian Ambo’s right to political communication, the Napthine government requested that a facebook page run by paramedics be deleted.
The page was used to discuss issues that paramedics face and to help raise awareness in the community.

Was: Ambulance Employees Australia, Victoria. 331 likes · 20 talking

The government has now ordered that paramedics cease writing political campaign slogans on their vehicles and have threatened legal action against them.

An anonymous paramedic responded to Napthine with the following statement about the use of LIQUID CHALK on the side and rear windows of vehicles.

I note that the recent examples of paramedics writing with chalk on the windows of ambulances seems to have caused quite a stir. Just to confirm, these are paramedics writing with chalk markers on glass windows. This chalk washes and wipes off with no lasting effects. No defamation has occurred.

Here at occupy Melbourne we can confirm that the use of chalk on surfaces DOES NOT cause any damage and is in no way a health and safety issue for paramedics or other motorists.

It appears to be a common strategy for these so called liberal governments to try crack down on “non-controllable” mediums such as the internet and to harass those who are unable to afford multi-million dollar commercial advertising campaigns.

Chalk has always been used to convey political messages. It is cheap, non-destructive and is accessible by almost anyone.

If you have ever driven a vehicle, then you know it can be  exhausting, especially in high density traffic like in Melbourne. On top of simply having to drive from one call out to another, paramedics primary role is to save lives and that requires a clear mind.

Paramedics also have to deal with rising social anxieties, drug overdose waves and violence should not be their priorities in an ideal world and the state has done little to ensure that other issues are dealt with to take pressure of emergency services.

Victoria’s paramedics are the best trained yet lowest paid and under staffed in Australia and it is absurd that the only choice they have is to use their vehicles to call out for help.

It is intolerable that paramedics are forced to campaign for their own basic rights on top of their work.
Unfortunately Napthine knows if he ever has a heart attack, paramedics will be there to try save him, he knows this but because he is what he is, he is happy to just take them for a ride.

It is government strategy to starve funding to government services in order to weaken them for privatisation.

As Victorians we must assist  ambo’s with their struggle. Because you never know when you will need them.

Support your paramedics:

Contact Denis Napthines office and tell them what you think:
Denis Napthine MP

phone (03) 9651 5000

fax (03) 9651 5054

Please spread the word that our emergency services are under attack by the government.

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