McDonalds Corporation Resorts To Lies and Spin about Tecoma Attack

Continuing the lies and spin, McDonalds corporation yesterday issued the following statement about the Tecoma attack on a female protester by 6 security guards. There is no doubt that this incident has become a major PR disaster for the company, but resorting to lies and false accusations is only going to make things worse.


This prompted the following rebuttal by the protester community:

Dear Ms Skye Oxenham-Lupui

It would appear that your opening statement here should in actual fact, be about the way McDonalds has completely ignored this PEACEFUL, UNIQUE & VIBRANT COMMUNITY.

It has not been our Campaigners that have thrown verbal abuse nor has it been our Campaigners who have resorted to violence as was the case with your hired Security Guards.

I have fought for some months along side the residents of Tecoma in passionate protest against this inappropriate development. First & foremost, as a resident of Boronia, I have been more than impressed by this Communities NUMBER ONE PRIORITY: To Maintain A Peaceful Presence Whilst Protesting Against Your Inappropriate Development.

I ask of you, Ms Oxenham-Lupui, how McDonalds Melbourne and McDonalds Australia can justify the actions against this Community as a whole by not only ignoring them but their elected council?

I ask of you, Ms Oxenham-Lupui, how McDonalds Melbourne and McDonalds Australia can justify the actions taken by your company in the dead of night on Monday, on a Union site? You do realize that they will now not return to the site and are on OUR SIDE, don’t you?

And finally, Ms Oxenham–Lupui, I ask of you, McDonalds Melbourne & McDonalds Australia how you can justify Security Guard actions, employed by Mcdonalds & given strict instructions NOT to interact with Protesters, of their violence upon a WOMAN?

As you are aware, Ms Oxenham-Lupui, Ms Janine Watson, did not fall from the rooftop. As you are aware, she was dragged from the rooftop by 2 of your employed Security Guards & held down by 6 in total, once she hit the footpath.

Speaking to you as a fellow woman, I am disgraced by your spin about everything to do with this whole Tecoma vs. McDonalds saga. You have consistently portrayed anything but the truth & continue to do so even after 6 MEN VIOLENTLY & BRUTALLY ATTACK ONE WOMAN! Shame on YOU, Ms Oxenham-Lupui, SHAME on YOU & YOURS for supporting your lies & spin.

I await your response as does the Community of Tecoma you keep spinning that you’re ‘working with’ and as does Melbourne. Remember, The World is Watching.


M. Griffiths

Here is a video of the incident (mostly audio)

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