Victoria Police Lie About Tecoma Attack of Protester By Security Guard

Mainstream media is spreading the message, that Janine Watson “fell” off the roof, instead of being brutally dragged off by security guards in front of several witnesses. We sincerly hope that the incident was filmed for legal purposes. Janine Watson claims that she was sitting on the surrounding fence to offer birthday cake to some of the security guards when they dragged her off and jumped on top of her.

Without a doubt the police are lying about the incident, because the fact is that this is a major PR disaster for McDonalds, who like to promote themselves as family frinedly. This may well be the major turning point in this corporate farce.

Often repeated views that McDonalds would bring much needed jobs to the area (and those much needed toilet blocks,LOL)are ridiculous and short -sighted. McDonalds will force other local businesses to shut down or relocate and surely the council could build their own toilet block, if it’s so badly needed.

Janine Watson being interviewed about the incident

Janine Watson being interviewed about the incident


In the afternoon, The Age joined the line of arse-coverers here:

In the picture Ms Watson is shown with a bandage around her hand and her arm in a sling. This would hardly be necessary for “abrasions”. A McDonalds spokeswoman is also quoted, labeling the protesters “violent”. It defies belief how Victoria Police Corporation and McDonalds corporation can officially turn the tables on a non-violent protester who in a gesture of good-will offered birthday cake to corporate thugs.

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  1. Yisraels Redeemer

    Of course Victorian Police are allowed to lie, same with the AFP, they can Legally Lie, an get away with, they can legally Steal your property & get away with it, They can legally distribute illegal porn an get away with scapegoating the public, they can get away with black mail, extortion with the whole use of the dept of Injustice should be its true name, not justice, as its more immoral in the dept of Justice, than what they accuse the public of immorality.

  2. Yep, they can do whatever they like but I’ afraid the main reason is that Australians have become totally apathetic and interminably disengaged. It’s disgusting and I’m not sure about the rest of you but most friends and acquaintances fit into this category.

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