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Bradley Manning Lynched By US Government

The only accusation that would apply to Manning is unauthorized disclosure of classified material. Everything else is a farce.

Read the whole article here:

Stefan Molyneux on the Australian economy

Stefan Molyneux, a well known Anarchist philosopher shares his views on the Australian economy with references to research and offers his diagnosis of the problem and hints at a possible solution.

You may recognize Stefan distinctive voice from the ‘the reality of me’  (TROM) series. Stefan offers rigorous and decisive analysis from a philosophy perspective and manages to avoid most of the complex terms that leave people bogged down in jargon. If you think you have found somewhere he has gone wrong in his analysis please leave a comment.

Immunicity: protection from internet censorship

Another great find from BoingBoing:

Censorship is really bad so circumvent it, too easy. use the freedom for good though.

And what you can’t find there but might like;

a quick start guide for those using Windows 7 and Firefox:




Pot Smoking Hippy Unwittingly Defies The Legal System, Council And Bank

I was feeling sorry for the guy when I read this article in The Age:

Just another harmless person victimized by the system…. or so I thought,  until I read that he is now”squatting” in his own home due to the fact that the bank cannot sell his house to repossess it because he never bothered to get permits for any of the building work he did.  He did all the work himself and had no permits,  so the house is now deemed unsafe and cannot be legally sold. So he can basically go on squatting in his house without paying his mortgage indefinitely.  Most likely he didn’t intend any of this and just wanted to tend to his house and garden in peace, but there is a lesson to be learned here: Perform renovations on your house without a permit, then stop paying your mortgage. The bank cannot sell your house because you haven’t contracted  and  they are therefore in a stalemate situation. Nice.

McDonalds sues 8 protesters in Tecoma

Not only is McDonalds suing the eight protesters, it has also installed security cameras everywhere to photograph more protesters exercising their political rights and is even pursuing people who make anti McDonalds comments on social media..

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.

Benito Mussolini

Tecoma 8

It’s A Council Law, Not A Real Law

Your Laws are fake.

Your laws don’t exist.

Your authority is invalid.

Watch the documentary “Pirates of the Suburbs”part 2.

Local council mafia enlist police to enforce non-existent laws, while breaching conflict of interest regulations. And that’s only the beginning.This is happening all over Australia. Vote NO for constitutional recognition of councils, councils are  essentially corporations masquerading as government and  breeding grounds for corporate -politician -criminals who are committing fraud, theft and treason.

000, Police, Fire or McDonalds?

Introducing Denis 'Emperor' Napthine Victoria's premier opponent of free speech

Introducing Denis ‘Emperor’ Napthine Victoria’s premier opponent of free speech

I’m sure Denis Napthine thought he got away with it not being mentioned here yet, well we did give you a chance to break the mould of the same BS we get from politicians. But Denis you have failed.

Two major political standoffs are have not been resolved. The Tecoma No McDonalds protest is well into its 10th month, and now ambulance paramedics are audacious enough to want to be able to afford to eat when they go home.

There is little point in having McDonalds restaurants causing terminal illnesses and traffic congestion (and accidents) in Tecoma, if the paramedics cant afford to eat what McDonald’s tries to pass off as ‘food’.

So what is Emperor Napthine doing about all of this? Just threaten them all to shut up and don’t cause a fuss. And don’t use social media to promote your cause, that might make me look bad, I wanna get re-elected you know.

It’s no secret that the Ambulance service in Victoria has been staring down the barrel at a massive budget blow out for many years, the aging population bubble, the penchant the aged have of going for a tree change or a sea change requiring long expensive ambulance ride to the vanishing hospitals. The Victorian State government can’t say this came as a  surprise. Their only response is to cut costs at the most critical part of the operation, the paramedics (already low) wages.

Soon when you call 000, the ambulance will no longer be one of the options relayed to you, McDonald’s will have paid for a promo spot there, so you can have fries delivered to your cardiac arrest.


No paramedic does their job for the money, so when they are asking for more money,

I can assure you it’s from need, not greed


Death? Can I have fries with that?

Hi Denis Napthine, welcome to,  say Hi to Robert Doyle for us.

‘The system’ explained simply

You could easily rename ‘think tanks’ to central planners and it still fits perfectly.

Anonald McDonald and Obama Bin Laden Shut Down City Maccas


Nota bene

Burgeroff in Tecoma

Protesters in Tecoma Victoria Australia are being threatened to not publicize their protest on Facebook or twitter.

This media outlet is neither Facebook nor Twitter and completely ignores orders from the unconstitutional courts.

If you are not a chapter 3 court as described in the Australian constitution, shut up and stop wasting our valuable reading and protesting time.

Everyone get to Tecoma now to stop McDonalds evil empire.

If you can’t get to Tecoma protest outside a McDonalds Store and refuse to ever buy McDonalds ever again.

Buying McDonalds products is a vote for Censorship and Fascism.

Burgeroff in Tecoma

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