Sixth Anniversary of the Northern Territory Intervention – Striking the Wrong Note

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Friday 21st marks the sixth anniversary of the NT Intervention.

Leader of cA Michele Harris OAM has written this article. The direct link to article is at .Further information at our website.

Sixth Anniversary of the Northern Territory Intervention

‘concerned Australians’

Striking the Wrong Note

Aboriginal advocate Olga Havnen, in her Lowitja O’Donoghue oration has asked a critical question.

She asks what has been the psychological impact of the Intervention on Aboriginal people of the Northern Territory. It is surprising that so little attention has been given to this critical, yet in some ways tenuous, link before now.

Even before the Intervention began in June 2007, government had long planned a new approach to the ‘management’ of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory. It was no longer part of government thinking that self-determination and Aboriginal control over land could be allowed to continue. These were…

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