Facebook censorship of ‘rape culture’


Lets assume rape is a disease, certainly many of the symptoms of rape are recognized diseases and disorders, sexually transmitted infections, PTSD, anxiety disorders, just to name a few.

Using the disease paradigm what classifies a disease as common or rare? prevalence in the community obviously and the statistical chance of suffering the disease.

A common disease would be for example the common cold, almost everyone has experienced this disease.

A disease to be considered to be rare affect less than one in 100 people.

If we assume the statistics in the above censored meme are true, this would clearly show that rape is a rare disease not a common one as some people claim.

The rape culture meme that is circulating is really terrorism, terrorizing women into thinking their risk of being raped in college/university is more than 400 times the actual risk they are facing.

It terrorizes the men who aren’t rapists by falsely painting them as rapists.

This dubious ‘statistic’ is part of the false rape claim industry.

Women who claim to be raped, who are later conclusively proven to have lied about the accusation are usually not prosecuted, even after they have destroyed someone else’s life, career and reputation.

Rape culture is a weapon against men.

In rape it is guilty until proven innocent, proving that you are innocent of anything is difficult, which is why the judicial system assumes innocence in almost every other case.

Julian Assange who is effectively hiding in an embassy in London is  a victim of the false rape claim culture. We will likely find in the future that the women who are claiming these ‘rapes’ we pressured into this by third parties with an agenda against Assange. In fact some claims already point to this.

How could you prove in a court of law that you brushed your teeth this morning?

What evidence do you have than would stand up in a court of law?

If you want to attack a man, who you can’t find at fault in any other way, cry rape.

Feminism; lies and terrorism.


In the recent ADF sex film scandal, was the reason men were making the films of sexual acts to prove their innocence and that the encounter was consensual?

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  1. There are some points you disagree with, but if you squint your eyes, tilt your head and stand four paces back, you can *sort of* see the point.

    Not this one, though. You are so horrifyingly, mesmerisingly, heart-stoppingly wrong that I can only assume you’ve tried to miss the point on purpose.

    • Ok maybe you eyes are beginning to open.
      What statements/points do you disagree with?
      By saying:

      “horrifyingly, mesmerisingly, heart-stoppingly wrong”

      …really doesn’t help us get to the bottom of your disagreement, apart from the fact you want to strongly disagree.

      Where is the flaw in the argument?
      Let everyone know and we can attempt to all have a clearer understanding

  2. Anecdotally speaking, one in a hundred is probably closer to the truth, and most of those rapes are comitted by family members. The classic stalker in the street rape is extremely rare and the people comitting them are usually mentally disturbed psychopaths. As for college rape culture, that is pretty much dating gone wrong, where a girl may regret a one-night stand or wanted more than a one-night stand or maybe alcohol and drugs were in the mix and the end -result was unplanned for intercourse etc. , which is where the 1 in 4 statistic comes from. The underlying foundation for that is clearly that all men are by nature rapists waiting for an opportunity and that idea is a cultural marxist plant, because this idea did not exist before the second half of the 20th century.

  3. Nick Parkes has had 24 hours to come up with an actual argument to support their criticism, but so far nothing concrete, in fact nothing at all. I was kind of hoping to have a good debate so we could all clear the air, but so far, nothing at all. Maybe all the Feminists are showering praise on him/her and he/she is basking in it, forgetting that to have a debate, you must actually have a point to raise.

    We live in hope and wait.

  4. Nick Parkes: It’s been over 48 hours, do you have an actual argument, or does it boil down to:

    “you’re wrong because I say so, no explanation needed” ?

    If so, that’s pathetic.

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