Facebook sticks the knife into men

Feminists produce a knife; women pass it to Facebook; men bare their chests; Facebook attacks.


via Facebook sticks the knife into men.

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  1. This is kinda weird. Wasn’t Facebook designed to spy on college girls? Besides, Facebook serves the authoritarian-state control patriarch perfectly, by keeping women distracted, just like stupid reality tv shows. As long as you’re on Facebook, you are not really doing anything.

  2. Facebook started as an immature banal way of interacting primarily aimed at the desires of US college students. Who is Who, who is doing what, who is dating who, who is potentially available for dating, who is interested in what activities. Being that the education systems are flooded with politically correct thinking (cultural Marxism and feminism) it didn’t take long for the feminist agenda to take over.

  3. Well this article really hit a nerve, anyone care to mention where they found out about it?

  4. If you look into it carefully you will find that women are treated more leniently across the board for committing the very same crime as men.


    This lighter sentencing of women even extends to the most vile offenses of murder and pedophilia, Why are women getting this privilege, even though they have acted like horrendous monsters. The source of female privilege in the west is directly from feminism,where else could it have come from?

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