Robert Doyle Slams Occupy Melbourne “Graffiti Vandals”

For those who missed the channel Nine news here is a Channel Nine newsclipping from today with Lord Mayor Robert ‘Doley Kong” Doyle critizing OM protesters for their artwork, which he calls”vandalism”. Of course it is debateable whether Robbert Dotle knows anything about art or art materials, but judging from the photos it was chalk or some sort of crayon, therefore not worth the media storm attached to it. The artwork adorning the plynth of the Burke and Wills statue was apparently discoverd on Monday morning, so it most likely happened over the weekend.Hmm, this is easier than occupying an intersection or setting up tents. Chalk it and they will come.


Yes, folks, in recent times the world has seen bombs in Boston and Iraq, millions of Turks protesting in the street, whistleblowers who leaked details on war crimes locked up and tortured ,and what is King Doyle worried about? A little colourful enhancement of a statue of two dead white men with dubious achievements. In a city which is famous for it’s Graffiti alleyways. Clearly this is the “Lucky Country!”

Statue Enhancement



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  1. I support Occupy Melbourne and so do 1000’s more across the country. Having a bitch about crayon and chalk? At least it washes off, Quit your bitching Robert Doyle you fat twat…

    • Thanks for the show of support Jason, we do think Robert Doyle is being quite precious about the term ‘vandalism’ after ordering the complete destruction of the first Occupy Melbourne village at City Square, and the suspicious IP Address which points to MCC vandalizing the OM Wikipedia page. It’s chalk and crayon which will wash away what will wash away the stench of corruption surrounding Robert Doyle? What will wash away the memories of people assaulted and harassed by the goons of MCC and Victoria Police corporation?

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