It’s such a good feeling

It’s such a good feeling:

To know that politicians read this blog hoping they won’t be mentioned.

To know they will all be ‘caught with their pants’ down eventually, sometimes literally.

To know that politicians are exposed for their dirty tactics, here and other media outlets.

To know that the people are waking up to the lies and fraud.

To know people are realizing that man made global warming is a complete fantasy, and nothing more than scare tactic to enforce a global tax.

To know people aren’t fooled by Marxist fascists dressed as hipsters or environmentalists.

In politics everything is the opposite of what they claim it is.

What is the opposite of green? RED!


The next time some talks about man made global warming, say “You are a terrorist”, because that’s exactly what they are doing, spreading terror to further their agenda.


Sometimes I’m wrong, I should have added this:

IPCC wrong again about global warming, stop giving these scaremongers money.

IPCC wrong again about global warming, stop giving these scaremongers money.

And this:


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