Melbourne March Against Monsanto Documentary Spoiled by Nick Carson Megaphone Hi-jack

This is a really great clip if you missed the march or were late or just want to hear the speakers again. It was a huge turnout. (And we managed to plug the Free Shop too!) But it would not be a proper protest in Melbourne without faketivist Nick Carson having another hi-jack attempt. Nick was in no way involved in organising this event, suddenly he is rallying people to “occupy” the intersection for as long as they want, and we all that ended in unnecessary conflict between protesters. Self-determined action is great and people can make up their own mind about whether they feel it’s important to block tram tracks, but we really did not need or want Nick Carson on the megaphone(yet again!)telling us what to do, he has proven time and time again that he wants to set himself up as some kind of leader and we are really not interested. If you want proof of what Nick Carson does and why will continue to expose this narcisssist, check out the docu at 33.07 minutes.


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  1. Yeah, well, I was surprised about some megaphone huggers as well. In the greater scheme of things, however, it’s no real worry. This bit gives him credibility for a CV within a system that currently is close to collapse. I wonder whether his telling the obvious thing that would happen (the good old sit-in in inconvenient locations) spoiled an otherwise well made docu, especially considering that it was released after only two days.

    Luckily, the protest was big enough not to witness this lesser important speech during the evolutionary birth-pangs of a just, free world. Yes, Nick is a media whore, yet I wonder how many people still remember his face.

    Anyway, no docu can convey the experience of standing up for your freedom in a way that participating does. And it wasn’t Nick that brought at some point fifty or so people into the intersection, it was a dirty half dozen occupiers working as collective. The more we do that encourages people to participate, the easier it will be to convince them that no government is needed.

  2. Yeah, it’s more likely that Nick picked up on the vibe of people who wanted to stay in the intersection and used it as a media opportunity, to make it look like he was the leader. He is an opportunist with few original ideas.

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