Ray Manzarek (The doors) leaves this world after 74 years

Without Ray Manzarek, the Doors would never have existed. Many people don’t know that the Doors was actually made from members of two other bands; Rick and the Ravens (Ray and Jim) and the Psychedelic Rangers (Robby and John).

Ray was the connection between these two groups from his Transcendental mediation class.

Jim only became involved in music when Ray’s brothers band lost a band member just before a performance, their contract stated a specific number of musicians must be present, Jim was the ring in that saved the day, doing back up vocals and harmonica. During the early days of the Doors, it was Ray’s Japanese girlfriend Dorothy, that actually funded a lot of the bands expenses. Most of the Venice beach band practices were at Rays parents basement.

The Doors were one of the music bands of political protest, people that really wanted to question everything and encouraged others to do so.

The Doors were politically inconvenient at the wrong time for the establishment, Viet Nam war, US Peak Oil, Nixon, the Draft, LSD.

The Doors had frequent clashes with he establishment and the band dissolved amid a drawn out court case over the Miami incident.

Thank you Ray for being the sound track to dissent.

Somewhere, somehow, Ray And Jim have met again.

Travel well Ray.

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  1. grumpycat333

    In our overly materialistic world what the Doors were seeking was not on this plane of existence and they were able to express this in their music which reached a large audience and influenced many other artists. That’s a huge threat to the greedy bastards of this world who want people to be good consumers, wage slaves and followers.

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