Robert Dolye’s fantasy land





Its hard to be an art critic, artists are trying to say all sorts of things but are ultimately at the mercy of their patrons. So regardless of the interpretation the artist places on the work, the patron may have a different interpretation in mind they wish to display.

When I first saw this exhibit I was thinking ‘strange fruit’, only white and not black.

I’m sure Robert Doyle would like to hang a lot of the Occupy Melbourne protesters and detractors in general. The title ‘Urban Cocoon’ said to me Doyle wants to be insulated from reality in his urban space and simply ignore the real problems of the world. The final thought I had was of Doyle attempting to create some kind of ‘virtual ejaculation’ all over the city square tree, to in some way mark or claim it as his own.

Art wank disguised as art wank? OK I’ll take my beret off now.

Ultimately as art its successful, it made me think; but I’m not sure if I liked the message.

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  1. Occupy Melbourne protesters were told repeatedly that they could not hang anything on the tree, not even light things like streamers or balloons etc. because the tree is heritage listed. Hmm. Double standard?

  2. Double standard or simply making up rules as he goes along to suit whatever objective he has in mind at the time.

  3. This is just a correction comment. ADMIN: grammar/spelling corrected, share away.

  4. This should have been called “doyle’s testicles”

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