Gippsland Free Store shut down by bankers and local authorities

The first Gippsland “free store” was shut down today after a suspected complaint by a bank branch.
Police & council officers demanded  to see papers for the “free store”.

“What makes this a political event. Can you show me any papers”

The police  then pressured the participants into leaving.

The free store emerged out of the global occupy protest movement against banks, current trading system & status quo.

It’s a protest tactic, a system and a cultural idea which is non- confrontational and open.
Most free stores are run by local activists wanting to continue raising awareness about the trading systems and other related issues . It has had a overwhelmingly positive response by people wanting to re-engage with others in their own communities.
The Gippsland free shop will be back next week!
If you want to check it out or get involved visit:

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  1. Being that the Gippsland free shop has been mentioned here, it is obviously a political event. Is there any video footage of the police or council worker tactics or conversations. We’d love to share it. As an activist everything you do is a political event and therefore protected by federal law.
    Crimes act 1914 section 28 interference with political communication 3 years imprisonment.
    Section 109 of the constitution clearly states state laws are invalid if they contradict the federal laws.
    If you are not accepting money or quid pro quo (barter/ a thing for a thing) you are not in commerce and no commercial laws apply to your activity. Almost all laws are commercial laws, and there almost none that apply to the act of giving away things for free, largely regardless of where or how that happens.
    Monetary donations are a grey area, bit-coin donations even harder to say.
    Pro tip, don’t accept anything as a donation in kind, be sure to stress nothing material is expected in exchange for taking an item.
    *Not to be taken as legal advice, do your own research.

  2. Jokes about Sale opposing the free shop.

    Sale says ‘No sale’ to the no sale sale.

    You just gotta love the irony of a place called Sale being opposed to the best possible sale price ($0).

    In Sale you can’t even give it away.

    In Sale they can’t understand if its not for sale

    In Sale do shopkeepers put up Sale signs in their windows to trick people into thinking things are cheaper?

    In Sale it’s cheap but its not free.

  3. For Sale – with a permit.

  4. I saved the crimes act and the human rights charter on my pirate box. So next time I can simply show them on my phone the actual things they are breaking.

    • um it’s not a good idea trying to prove someone else is breaking the law by showing them you pirated copy of the law book, you are just admitting to another crime. best move is to buy copies of the crimes act and the constitution which are about $10 each. or commit the relevant acts to memory which is free.

  5. It’s also worth while to have a flyer to explain to people what you are doing:
    You could modify that one slightly with different location and time details and perhaps add that it’s a protest against consumerism, planned obsolesce, pro freeganism, pro recycling etc. But remember the free shop does not not support any form of politics or politician.
    When you are doing a protest always film cops, council officials, trouble makers etc. Always have back up and know your rights and fight for them.

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