Occupy Is An Inside Job

How freakishly familiar this all is, from the other side of the world.

Occupy Is An Inside Job.

Thanks for your insight abandontv



This Occupy media site was taken back from the hijackers who initially stole all the media resources and refused access to them.

We simply started all over again on the messages we believe in, the messages we believed occupy was about:

Jail the banksters, no bailouts or bail ins.

Fiat currency is a scam that must be stopped

End corporate corruption of politics

No special legal privileged reserved for those with wealth and/or power

Have reasoned debates about our future on this world

How we can live better

End the corporate engineered wars for profits

What kind of world we want to live in

Finally we also expose the corrupt insiders who hijackedĀ  our occupy for their own agendas, and those who still continue to try to do so.

For all those who came to occupy this is more like Occupy Melbourne you thought you were getting, rather than the fake one served to you.

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