Occupy freedOM is an inside job !

The youtube clip “Occupy is an inside job” by Sanuel Williams (see a few posts down) , inspired me to write this response.The clip is a crtical re-assessment of the Occupy movement which appears to have been widely infiltrated by government forces and while I believe this to be true I also believe that there is a way forward if we re-interpret Occupy not so much as a political movement but as a birthplace of a new consciousness. The birth may have been messy and painful but that doesn’t mean something good cannot grow out of it, but only if we manage to get rid of long-held false beliefs and red herrings.(I won’t say what those are as they differ from person to person)


The Occupy movement was certainly hi-jacked by agent provocateurs and silly greenies and socialists, it was also centrally “planned” inasmuch that it had a common origin , Occupy Wall Street, which in turn was created by Adbusters who used the Spanish occupations as a model. The model was flawed, which is why the same problems arose everywhere. The model was flawed because it presumed that all protesters are essentially good and come with the highest motivations for the common good too, while in the end they operate with the same egocentric low consciousness as the people they are fighting. However, i doubt it was planned by the governments, as they probably would have preferred not to have the hassle in the first place. or maybe the gov knows that people are essentially full of shit, so all they have to do is send in a few agents and watch the whole thing blow up.

When Samuel William is saying that there isn’t a truly free market and that’s what’s causing our problems, it’s is oversimplifying things a bit. Partly our problems are due to banks and companies becoming more un-regulated over the last 40 years, the whole neo=con agenda was deregulation. Although i agree that the wrong kind of restrictions are also problematic.

Ultimately what I have found is that whether it’s capitalism, socialism, environmentalism, feminism and kind of -ism will lead to problems if the wrong people with the wrong agenda are behind it and because if left unchecked they will all lead to extremes which will end up hurting someone. Any -ism has failure built in because language and semantics are not going to solve anything, the only solutions are spiritual, that is people need to come from a higher consciousness, which means not coming from an attitude of selfishness and greed and valuing an excess of material goods more highly than interactions between humans and our interconnection with the planet we all share.

The Free Shop is a little microcosm of proof that we have more than we need and curiously the more we share the more we have. This flies in the face of socialism and environmentalism which operate on the idea of limited resources, and it flies in the face of capitalism too, as the shopkeepers do not operate in order to create profit (while at the same time creating abundance for themselves and others out of seemingly thin air). And strangely, if there is no profit agenda, women’s work, which is largely unpaid or underpaid in society, because it’s based on the idea of sharing and caring, is valued just as highly and so there are no feminism agendas in the Free Shop either. Any “competition” between Freeshopkeepers to provide better goods also ultimately benefits everyone. The Free Shop is a model of what could be.Of course in the real world you get people with lower consciousness taking stuff from the Free Shop and selling it for a profit on Ebay ! But why should people buy it from Ebay if they can get it for free at the Free Shop? So in the end it’s self-regulating. And if the government wants to ever prevent people from sharing with each other, I would like to see them try!There aren’t enough agents in the world to watch every human interaction and nobody can take away your thoughts (although admittedly Facebook is trying).


It’s hard to imagine a world without money at this stage, but it’s not impossible, as all our money is fake anyway and it’s our un-evolved consciousness which is preventing us from taking the next step. Instead, we blame each other, or some evil forces (Doyle ,Obama, Monsatan) that are supposedly pulling the strings, when the real enemy, our egocentric ,territorial reptile consciousness, is still inside each and every one of us. In that respect I fully agree: Occupy is an inside job.

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