Senior Constable Neil Schlittler investigates JASON COGGINS

Today during routine inquiries Senior constable Neil Schlittler of Victoria police corporation received information that JASON COGGINS committed perjury recently in Melbourne magistrates court.

cogginsj_small perjury

Let’s see what happens next.

ADMIN UPDATE: 14/06/2103

Neil, If you go out and arrest and successfully prosecute this guy for the crime he committed -Perjury (with forethought of malice and intent),

I will remove your name from this website and replace it with ‘Victoria Police corporation’.

Then you can only be known on the internet for playing cricket, and not be known for being involved in this sordid little scandal, Sound like a good deal?

Also you will be in the running for the promotion/ toaster oven or whatever incentives you have in Victoria Police Corporation. It’s also your job to investigate and solve crimes, so it’s not like its out of your scope of duties. All the evidence you need is here and on Facebook and court records.

Perjury is a serious crime, and don’t we all get sick and tired of liars?

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  1. Neil, it looks like people are starting to get interested in this, so I’ll give you a really big hint:
    There were claims of threats from a Facebook account, What Facebook account? Who controls this alleged Facebook account? Just one of a series of lies and distortions…which in court if proved are Perjury for the bad guy, and toaster oven for the diligent coppa.

    Somehow I feel you are more of a coffee machine man though…

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