Legal concept: Void ab initio

Ab initio‘Ab initio’ is Latin meaning from the beginning or from the outset.

Void means not valid.

In this famous quote Chief Justice Latham clarifies what ‘ Void ab initio’ means quite well.

Want to apply fake laws? Good luck with that, you have got nothing.

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  1. Yisraels Redeemer

    Reblogged this on The Voice Of Australians and commented:
    Sounds like a Majority of Our Laws, Its all to make a Profit of Misery & corruption care of the dept of justice.

    • An interesting area to investigate on this is the area of Royal Ascent. For an act or statute to become a real law in Australia the King/Queen of England or a governor general that they personally appoint must approve the the legislation.
      The last Governor general correctly appointed served until 1931 (Stonehaven), so on this basis most of the laws made in Australia since 1931 are ‘void ab initio’. I will have to ask for the more law orientated to clarify the exact time of the constitutional, but the Appointment of Isaac Isaacs (1931- 1936) was apparently done with pressure from the Australian government on the Sovereign at the time, which is clearly not appropriate. you are either a sovereign as do as you please, or you are not and bow to pressure from your subjects. The more you look into Australian constitutional history the stranger and more complex it gets.

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