Unofficial boston bombing conspiracy theory

Why wait for an official explanation when you can have an unofficial conspiracy theory? Food for thought anyway. I think this is going to be considered a miniature 9/11 for some time. I gotta admit with the amount of personal video recording devices people have now there will be plenty of footage of these events and it’s up to the public to analyze them and make up their own minds.

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  1. In the future all crime investigations will happen on youtwitface. Just to clarify, the episode of Family guy that “predicts” the bombing is actually a mash-up of two seperate episodes, that’s already been proven quite easily . The funny thing is, while the countless photos taken by the public have already led to the suspects, many other photos will be contradictory and keep feeding the conspiracy fire for years to come. Meanwhile, the Texas fertilizer plant disaster, which killed a lot more people than Boston and destroyed many properties, doesn’t appear to interest anybody anymore.

    • The interesting thing about the fertilizer explosion apparently is that it was the 20th anniversary of the Waco siege massacre. It could be that an urban terror plot is more scary (than a rural one) because of the large urban populations in Americas eastern seaboard. ever heard of a place called Newashibo? Its New York, Washington and Boston which some have described as a continuous city being that they are all connected and simply blur together. The terror is beginning to blur together also.

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