RAC protest to free ASIO negative refugees in Broadmeadows 3047 VIC


A peaceful non obstructive protest to highlight the hunger strike of some refugees currently being held in Broadmeadows’ Maygar barracks army base.


The refugees have been given ASIO negative assessments meaning ASIO claims there is something adverse about their history or beliefs that makes them a security risk. Of course in real MacArthur style, ASIO refuses to say why, or where they got the information. We call ‘bullshit’ on ASIO.


Without getting too religious on you, Jesus would be a security risk: Religious man from a middle eastern country, demanded significant reforms, was opposed to the banking system, healed people for free and had many followers.




As you can see, concerned people are sleeping over night to support the vigil with some basic infrastructure already in place.

Kitchen, portaloo and fire barrel on site. So get over there and show your support.

For more information:


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