Refugees Hunger Strike Vigil


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Melbourne ASIO negative refugees begin mass hunger strike
(come down and show your support, tent optional 😉

At 2.00am, Monday morning (8 April), 28 ASIO negative refugees, 24 Sri Lankan, 2 Iranian 2 Rohingyans, began a hunger strike at the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation (MITA) detention centre. They have gathered on the playground inside the detention facility.

The hunger strike comes after a series of self-harm and attempted suicides by ASIO negative refugees in Melbourne. These include a serious self harm incident by a Tamil refugee on 17 January, the third since Christmas 2012, and an attempted suicide on 15 November 2012.

Most of the ASIO negative refugees have been in detention over three years, some for over four years.

Their sense of frustration has grown since their adverse ASIO assessment. Last year the High Court found that it was unlawful for the government to deny them protection visas because of an adverse ASIO assessment. Despite the court decision, successive Immigration Ministers have refused to act and they remain in indefinite detention.

Hi we are starting an ongoing vigil outside MITA detention centre (camp rd Broadmeadows) starting today from 6.30pm. The hunger strikers are very weak with one of our good friends went to hospital today. Please show ur support. Come down for as long as u want, if ur going to stay bring tent and sleeping bags and water, come any time and pass this on.

The site for the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation (ITA) is located 15km north of Melbourne’s CBD, next door to Maygar Barracks at 120-150 Camp Road, Broadmeadows. 2km east of the Broadmeadows Town Centre.

Melbourne ASIO negative refugees begin mass hunger strike
Refugee Action Coalition

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