Something Awful On “Something Awful”

We had one of our biggest days yesterday in terms of viewership and we noticed a lot of the referrals came from a site called “Something awful”. Hard to work out what that site is about, mainly appears to be a forum of people discussing “stuff” with each other, political and otherwise. Kinda like Facebook, only even more sinister. After reading some of it I can only conclude: it’s aptly named!

To a certain extent it appears to be made up of a bunch of people who simply cannot read or are so enmeshed in their own ideologies that they have blinded themselves.. Here is an example of someone who “read” (Azmet Jah)

“Things I have learned Occupy Melbourne hate:

Julia Gillard
Tony Abbott
The Greens
Socialist Alliance
Occupy Sydney
Occupy Sydney offshoots
Their own Facebook group
Robert Doyle
Fiat Currency
New World Order
North Korea
Federal Reserve

That’s from posts between today and March 11 of this year.”

Isn’t an activist website meant to be critical?

Well, first of all and most importantly, does not ‘hate” anyone, but especially not Occupy Sydney. We love Occupy Sydney and all the other Occupys. The article “Call to disendorse Occupy Sydney endorsed site” was reblogged from Occupy Sydney, read the article not the headline! We were comparing ourselves with them, not criticizing them.

Yes, we are critical of most politicians on all sides because we see them as the puppets of the banks and corporations. (The whole point of Occupy Wall Street was to get the money out of politics and hold the banks accountable for their crimes, so far only one country managed to do that :Iceland ) .In addition, there are a variety of people posting on and their views can differ from each other , this applies to things like Bitcoin , NWO conspiracy theories, feminism etc. and countless other topics . That should not be a problems in a movement that advocates diversity and democracy. One could argue that there are as many libertarian views of as there are individuals. Libertariansim is often falsely associated with the political right, in reality it runs the whole spectrum from left to right. This is not to say that all occupiers are necessarily libertarian or that they should be, but it’s more or less an inevitable outcome that a leaderless and non-hierarchcal movement like Occupy will attract anarchists and libertarians, and find fault with more authoritarian approaches like classical state socialism etc or organized leftist movements like Socialist Alternative.


We stand in stark contrast to the general hierarchy and “group-think” of the socialists (even though we generally agree that there needs to some collective support for people who need it :medical , financial, education etc. )But what’s wrong with people thinking for themselves and coming up with a variety of explanations? What are the successes of large scale communism? I guess there are still people who believe that Marx’s theories were never really applied properly , hence the failure of pure communism in most places, but it makes you wonder why nobody can apply them properly or maybe there is something fundamentally wrong with them? In our opinion one of the things wrong with them is that they want to prescribe a collective solution for every aspect of life.

Azmet Jah continues:

“But do they hate Ron Paul?”

No, of course not. We don’t all support him either. We also like Noam Chomsky. LOL. Gee, that makes us a bit hard to pin down now, doesn’t it?

And, here comes the clincher:

Left politics in Australia would be greatly improved if we sent kill squads after anyone who’s ever identified as a libertarian. The IT industry would never recover, but you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. ”

So the solution that leftists offer  is to kill people  they don’t agree with


Rrrrright, where have I heard that before? And what is the “omelet” you are referring to here? Global Marxist takeover? It says everything there is to know about “you people” , maybe Marxists, but probably just dangerous idiots.

But we would not kill you for your beliefs, because unlike you, we believe in freedom of thought and freedom of speech. Thanks for increasing our viewership , though, guys. Keep up the good work.

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  1. When Was Socialist alliance mentioned? OR is this an admition that they are Marxists?
    Some people really need to learn to read.

  2. admission. 🙂

  3. Something Awful is full of old men wannabe freemasons. Its safe to ignore most things they say.

  4. Well at least it’s truth in advertising, they really are something awful, I’m glad they are being honest about themselves. I’m sure they will ‘move on’.

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