Doyle ambush – New video shows Doyle smiling and proof of corporate media lies (tyres not slashed)

It appears that the herald sun has taken out any the reference to tyres getting slashed.

PROTESTERS have jumped on Lord Mayor Robert Doyle’s car and slashed his tyres outside the Arts Centre.

This was the original link:

It now redirects to:

But it’s still in the australian news paper.

Anti-capitalism protesters attempted to disrupt the event. Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle had his entry briefly disrupted when his car’s tyres were slashed.


Some reports suggested his car’s tyres had been slashed.

Check out this video to see what actually happened.

Doyle claims:

”This wasn’t just a protest, this was violent, hate-filled.

”I have never experienced anything like this in 25 years of public life.”

But as you can clearly see though the window doyle and his limo driver were both smiling and enjoying the attention while fulfilling their role as a  decoy/scapegoat (as always) so the likes of rupert murdoch, tony abbott and gina rinehart could slip in though the back door.

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  1. Awesome video – relatively uncut and showing how the police, once engaged to clear the car, start stretching their authority by exercising a move-on order by pushing protestors around. And also proving the lie about slashed tyres in the Murdoch press. But then, Uncle Rupert was there as well, so dramatising a harmless protest doesn’t come as a surprise.

    Even a low-level politico like Doyle will most likely have a bulletproof car, sturdy enough to carry some protestors without causing damage. Most low-profile tyres are still drivable even without air as a standard safety feature. A minor inconvenience, being held up by a legitimate and basically peaceful protest get exaggerated into the most terrible tyre slashing, violent mob in the last 25 years.

    I heard similar things about the G20 protests in 2006, The Age reported about the most violent day in Melbourne since a long time. I spotted accidentally the few people harnessed with the riot gear that soon smashed a police vans window. They had more difficulties getting through the sizeable amount of protestors than causing the incidence the media spotlighted. Hours of peaceful, creative and empowering protest were wiped out by potential agent provocateurs.

    Is there a pattern? It just looks like that there’s a kind of template for reporting protest in the commercial media. Eye witness accounts usually weigh less in the perception of the general public than mainstream media propaganda. But now, with the ability to film, edit, comment and upload a different perspective of events the distortion in reporting becomes more obvious.

    A paranoid mind might wonder whether deflating the tyres was a spontaneous idea or happened according to plan. But as long as false claims can be disproven by video evidence, the rat question doesn’t matter much.

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