Robert Doyle ambushed

During the Protest against Rupert Murdoch’s little 1%er gathering a target of opportunity arrived, Robert Doyle’s car had 4 flat tires, Melbourne’s dissent community took the opportunity to taunt the beached whale.

In an epic moment of cognitive dissonance, the gathering was about freedom of speech hosting a media tycoon  (Murdoch) who actively whitewashes stories out of the media.

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  1. Reblogged this on Occupy Savvy and commented:
    “It’s okay mate I’m with Murdoch.” Hilarious livestreamer from Occupy Melbourne gives the world live footage of protesters surrounding Melbourne Mayor Robert Doyle (the key figurehead involved in the repression of their local Occupy) and chanting “This is not a police state. We have the right to demonstrate!!” while being shoved around by cops.

    Sure enough, despite the protesters not retaliating, or breaking the police lines, Mayor Doyle has now described the protesters as “a militant wing of Occupy Melbourne”.

    Because apparently not pushing the cops back = militant? On Planet Doyle, anyway…

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