Ponzi bucks! print out yours for free here.

ponzi bucks

So if some one attempted to pay you with the above certificate you would really be scratching your head. 5 Kg of what you might ask. That is a very good question, so clearly that might be a clue the certificate is worthless, they are promising you nothing essentially.

20130111_205342 5 pounds of what

Let’s now look at this certificate with some people today actually accept for value. Once again a private company PLC means publicly listed company, they are promising 5 pounds (0.45kg)  of sterling something. Sterling if you Google it will usually come up with sterling silver (a 92.5%  silver content metal alloy ). However omitting the word silver it means the certificate is actually worth nothing. One day I’d like to knock on their doors and ask for my slab of silver metal, but we all know that will never happen.

Two worthless pieces of paper, the only difference is that one is accepted in exchange for goods and services the other is obviously a joke.

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