Good Friday Free Shop

There were so many photos taken yesterday at the Free Shop, as it was a bumper day . The crowds were enormous thanks to the Comedy festival in celebration of our Lord’s crucifiction. Clearly our society has lost it’s way completely, but at least I ate some fish for dinner.

Anyway, it was great fun, we “sold” lots of stuff and the crowd chalk-bombed the whole area with snippets of wisdom. it was certainly a good Friday!

Good friday Chocolate

Good Friday Bubbles

Good friday Chalking

Good Friday Customers

Good Friday Dress Two

Good Friday Kids

Good Friday Lutz and Varun

Good friday mercedes

Good friday Microwave

Good Friday Panorama

Too many hipsters

Happy Easter

good friday buuny

Good friday Mel

Good Friday mermaid

good friday Gangnma

Good friday Sara

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