Fresh off the Press

Never let it be said that we do not allow our critics to bring their views to the table. Unfortunately almost all of them can’t even work out the simple task of how to use WordPress, so this is an example fresh from the FB jungle.

“Anoun E Moose: i have been through the site and i agree that it offers opinions (many of which are of embarrassingly poor linguistic construction and heaped with libelous assertions) but what it doesn’t offer is a process of critical thinking into the issues it raises or any form of solution based analysis. personally, i wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole because every time i read an article from there i have to go take a shower. admittedly some of the meme’s are somewhat comical but as a credible activist resource out of a rating of 0 to 10 i would rank it as a -1.”

Now, I find this rather interesting, because I share his views somewhat, but my target would be a different one :It’s exactly how I feel about Facebook, which is essentially a sewer of badly worded ad hoc opinions mixed in with often unfounded personal attacks, dressed up with cat memes. Sockpuppet accounts aplenty and misinformation central. Also a government spying tool on those who dare use their real name. After reading Facebook sometimes, I don’t need a shower, I need a blood transfusion and a memory reset.

What some people fail to understand, is that this website often uses controversy and hyperbole mixed with humour to get people thinking, while at the same time adhering to what we believe at the very least approximates the truth. A bit like an like an online “Chaser”, we take the piss but we do not publish lies.

In addition we try our best to avoid pseudo intellectual analysis and politically correct language, which all too often make a mockery of the human experience.

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