Check the date early 2012, funny we had almost exactly the same problem at the same time, uncanny how so many occupies had exactly the same problems in the same time sequence.


I’ve recently put around a call for the GA endorsed site to shape up or be disendorsed.
While one of those who tightly control and censor that site has verbalised an agreement to improve it and put in place a cumbersome process to make this happen, the continued use of the site to propogate personal agendas ( as with the latest post ( ) is NOT what Occupy Sydney should be endorsing as the public face of Occupy. The post, by the same person who has wilfully dimunised the tireless work of many to keep an occupation in place as “an info desk” (perhaps what he and the pigs prefer) , offends this and other occupiers in that it seeks to force us to engage in the endless futile discussions he and others so enjoy, AS WELL AS WORKING TO KEEP AN OCCUPATION A REALITY .
In the…

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