Healesville Under Corporate Siege

As the battles for Tecoma and Seaford continue, other places are also threatened. Plans for Healesville include not only a McDonalds, but a whole commercial complex of carwash, petrol station, entertainment centre, pokies etc.; clearly an attempt to cash in on Healesville’s tourist appeal, while at the same time completely ruining what makes it so attractive in the first place.



Is THIS what Healesville needs?

More fast food? ( is that what we are about? ) If this IS McDonald’s, would you object to it being in Healesville? Is this the start of Healesville losing its individuality by MORE franchised (food) store openings?
More petrol options?
More carwashes? (right on the heels of cancellation of the East End plans for one)
More pokies? ( Tens of thousands of local dollars are ripped straight into GOVERNMENT coffers from pokie profits – and they aren’t built to lose money ….. )
More pokies = closer links to increased petty theft and crime
More pokies = less locally spent $
More pokies = social implications that can lead to serious issues.
A clearly evident traffic BLOCKAGE at the entrance to Healesville.
Multi level buildings (possibly an eyesore) – can anyone shine a light on the artist impessions of this yet?
A “rushed” through process? (I may have this wrong but the Yarra Ranges update to the website is only as recent as 10th December – yet I hear submissions for objections need to be in by 15th December – surely not!

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