Melbourne City Council admits Occupy Melbourne wikipedia edits

A rose by another name could smell as sweet?

A number with other digits could smell as rotten? ?

It’s been just over a month since the editgate cyber war story broke out. The story first ran here, then picked up by boingboing, then the Age, then others.

MCC promised an investigation to find out who did the Occupy Melbourne Wikipedia page edits.  Any competent organization could have clarified beyond doubt what happened with their own IP address.

They could have shown what that IP address was normally used for:

If it was a library computer they would have had video footage of the user.

If it was a staff member they would know exactly who it was.

With the amount of time passed MCC has effectively admitted its guilt.

This clearly shows that:

MCC makes big promises when under attack, and then later on just scurries away to hide in a corner and hopes everyone forgets (and if they don’t forget, just edit history).

doyle mugshot

Robert Doyle: Guilty as charged.



The page itself:

So what has happened to the Wikipedia page in that time, well after a bit of edit ‘to and fro’ a Wikipedia editor ‘Amadscientist’ rolled in and basically junked the whole article.

Wikipedia stand on the neutral point of view (POV) principle. Wikipedia always demands sources from POV. But raises a curious question who had a neutral point of view? The main stream media who are often cited as sources clearly didn’t have a neutral POV, they were (and still are) simply a PR machine for the governments, corporates and banks that hand them press releases to regurgitate. THE very same Governments, corporates and banks we were protesting against. The typical activist won’t give their name to be referenced. This leaves exactly zero people with knowledge unbiased enough to make a meaningful statement.

We complained about 2 significant edits on a Wikipedia page: Wikipedia deletes most of the page.

Wikipedia currently has a project to ‘clean up’ Occupy related pages. Clean up in this case more closely means clean out. Because of this, the only memory people will have of occupy is gutted articles written using very biased mainstream media cited sources.

Remember Nick Carson with his 11,000 Wikipedia edits? Well about 1,000 of those edits were to his own Wikipedia page. When you edit your own personal page is that like stroking yourself? In the original story he was called to account over his lack of maintenance of the page. It seems has hasn’t heeded the call and still ignores the page. What an awesome contribution to society Nick.

He also claims Occupy Melbourne is dead, still refuses to allow the people fighting for it to have any input, still controls almost all of the media assets, uses the media assets for his own (and his cronies) personal agendas. More about those other agendas in coming articles.

We mention these rogues from time to time here, to make sure their crimes against democracy are not forgotten.

The master needs the slaves, the slaves don't need the master.

The master needs the slaves, the slaves don’t need the master.

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