Global Freeshare Day Today

Come to City Square Occupy Corner today for a special encore of the regular Friday freeshop. No money required, no money accepted. But if you have unwanted goods, you can drop them off. Starts at 12pm and goes until 6 pm. I’ve heard rumours of a fashion show taking place at around 2pm, with freeshopkeepers modelling the clothes that are then given away to happy customers.

Freeshop march 5

“Using money for exchange needs to be learned, and it can also be unlearned. I call the collection of ‘merchandise’ in the Free Shop eclectic, because you’ll never know what will be there, and it sounds much better than ‘sparse’ or ‘meagre’. In a regular store, if you take some of the merchandise, you’ll be called a thief, in the Free Store you can be shop assistant and shopper simultaneously. ” Friday Freesshop Contributor

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