Carl Scrace embarrasses himself in MCC town hall meeting media stunt.

How do you become a leader of a leaderless movement?

How do you become a leader of a leaderless movement?

As predicted, the possibility of a Melbourne City Council investigation was always going to be a media stunt for an opportunistic self promoter.

Enter Carl Scrace, who planned this event largely in secret from the rest of the Occupy Melbourne community and was ultimately easily shot down publicly.

It’s not appropriate to launch an investigation until legal proceedings directly relating to the investigation have concluded.

Carl Scrace has clearly failed basic law, which of course makes him even less qualified as a media commentator, spokesman or (his real goal) a politician.

Carl Scrace practically handed Robert Doyle the opportunity to smack him down on a silver platter. Of course Robert Doyle took the opportunity gladly.

Sad, really sad.

Worst of all he is making Occupy Melbourne look stupid.

But that’s delusional people for you, they think their own self aggrandized image of themselves is reality, and because  if they think something will work, it will. They think they can project their fantasies into reality just by mere thought; they are just so awesome! Oops, the real world works on logic and reason, and if you have neither you will be endlessly frustrated.

More to come about Carl ‘eugenics’ Scrace.

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