Where Eddy James gets it wrong…

After much deliberation I have decided that Facebook is possibly the worst place to try to convey information to those that already know everything…   Of course it’s almost impossible to show anything to people who know everything, and thus we might conclude that it’s the people that are the root of the problem not the platform alone.

Now in recent time I have been interacting with some of the more unstable people out there and have come to the conclusion that they may in fact be horribly ignorant  or possibly socialists in disguise (just to pun the transformers).  I reference my recent expose on Eddy James and Ozhouse.org here (https://occupymelbourne.net/2013/03/10/eddy-james-and-ozhouse-org/) I showed how Eddy deliberately takes people out of context, is clearly a hypocrite and is too cowardly to take up my challenge of an open public debate about his worldview.

So please allow me to deconstruct Eddy’s misunderstanding of the world.

Eddy has an about us section here (http://ozhouse.org/about-us/) which states: [OzHouse believes political and economic conspiracies are the norm, not the exception.]

Eddy says Australia has to register with the U.S. S.E.C. Okay I can understand that he views something like this link (http://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?company=commonwealth+of+australia&match=&CIK=&filenum=&State=&Country=&SIC=&owner=exclude&Find=Find+Companies&action=getcompany) as necessary.  although I myself and a great many other people are perplexed as to exactly why Australia is a registered corporation trading on the U.S. S.E.C. I can accept that he thinks it’s only to do business.

you can see Eddy’s explanation on the links provided on the last article or alternatively enjoy some samples here


However Eddy makes the claim that Australia is a sovereign nation…

While this may be widely accepted in the minds of many, that does not necessarily make it fact.   Quite clearly our constitution made us a dominion of the the United Kingdom, and our head of state it Queen Elizabeth.

So naturally my question to Eddy is this:  On what day did Australia become an independent sovereign nation?

What I find amazing is that while he believes in political and economic conspiracies, he cannot understand what’s clearly on the books… it appears he ignores information that interferes with his perception of reality.

I will throw him some clues though because i can’t help wanting to help those less fortunate than myself…

Eddy if banks have to balance their books, and a bond is an asset to the holder and a liability to the issuer, then the Australian government bonds are a liability to treasury. yes?

Now if the books have to be balanced what is the asset that backs the liability known as an Australian government bond?

Let’s remember that nothing (least that i am aware of) of value or use comes into existence unless labour is imbued into it…

Eddy may want to look up the term Register in a law dictionary and figure out why the government is submitting to the (regis) trar of another country…

And what has has all this legal research bought us?  well looking through history, the revolutions the change, they have all been based on ideas, and frankly the glorious revolution in 1688 bought about much change and created the English bill of rights, the American revolution ultimately gave birth to the U.S. Constitution, which i will note both socialists and neo-cons alike want to destroy and have for the most part.

All in all the great question is how people should amicably communicate with each other? I think people should not take things too seriously, while maintaining an open mind to hear others is key.

The sad fact is [OzHouse believes political and economic conspiracies are the norm, not the exception.]  yet suffers from cognitive dissonance when shown documents like Australia the concealed colony which can be found here: (http://basic-fraud.com/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2010/09/Australia%20-%20The%20Concealed%20Colony/Australia%20The%20Concealed%20Colony.pdf).   It’s a great read if you haven’t read it you should…

As always I’m more than happy to operate in the open and i have nothing to hide, anytime Eddy want to have a debate about his erroneous ideas I will happily accommodate and post on youtube later, I’m all for letting the public decide.

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  1. Australia must be listed with the SEC to do business with the USA, plausible reason. However there are less than 200 countries since I last checked so knowing which country you are dealing with is not that hard to work out, 3 pages of country names at most.

    Why then does this corporate listed COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA have more than 20 million employees?

    I thought they were citizens? Oh, that’s right citizens are employees to the corporate state, not the shareholders of the state.
    Question is do you want to be an employee or a third party shareholder?

    Dig a little deeper my friend.

  2. yes i found he was an intellectual coward too

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