North Korea, feudalism, popcorn and subtitles.

It’s long, so get some popcorn and get comfortable.

95 Minutes long. English subtitles. Another great find from the mikiverse.

North Korea criticizes USA and the west in a long documentary film. Interestingly the pro North Korea propaganda is relatively light, just a few minutes at the end.

Also relatively light on scorn of the Japanese, who the North Koreans clearly haven’t forgiven for their occupation of Korea from 1910 until 1945.

The movie is strong criticism of what it views as the narcissistic, celebrity obsessed west. An obvious logic hole in this argument is the cult of celebrity surrounding the ruling family of North Korea.

The movie features segue ways from face pixelated psychologist explaining some the of the chapters of the movie.

Criticism by psychologists is an old soviet era tactic.

Considering the source, it’s relatively fair in its criticism of USA and the west, though fails to see itself in a bad light, with careful cherry picking around some of its claimed flaws

It’s hard to be sure really whats happening in North Korea, it is largely closed to the outside world, the foreign embassies it has contacts with are all located in China, visitors are chaperoned, there is no internet there, just a heavily censored country wide intranet.

It’s even possible that everything we are told  about North Korea is wrong, so few people have gone there, and their media is tightly controlled.

North Korea, long called the hermit state has subtly abandoned all references to communism in its constitution, so feudalism might be a better way to describe their current political situation.

The Kim family have dynastic control with their (newly ‘crowned’) third successive heir Kim Jong Un, a huge military and quite  bit of ‘sabre rattling’.

The ruling family tightly control everything, and to break the rules could mean your whole family gets imprisoned.

Political dissent and christian religion are harshly punished in huge slave labour camps that are visible from satellites.

Citizens are divided into three classes based on heredity to Korean war veterans and party members, current extended family member class and conduct, and  the individuals contribution to society.

The war with South Korea never ended, just a very long ceasefire.

The only thing as scary as North Korea reigniting the war with the south would be reunification, the combined North and South would be a power house.

North Korea and South Korea developed very differently since the ceasefire, the north becoming militaristic, feudalistic and quite poor, the south becoming industrialized, high tech and wealthy.

Putting them together (without either losing what they had) would make a very influential regional power with  historical good links to China and the USA, lots of military, people, money and industry.

Strangley this was the premise of a computer game not so long ago.

This just a COMPUTER GAME video, these are NOT real events.

This just a COMPUTER GAME video, these are NOT real events.

Conspiracy fact: the game  ‘Homefront’ was released about a year before Kim Jong Il’s death, which it predicted almost exactly, and which one of the three sons would succeed him.


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