Eddy James and OzHouse.org

I’m sure many readers are familiar with the functions of facebook…   mainly to destroy interpersonal relationships and promote narcissism.  I recently Had a very interesting chat with a chap on FB, named Eddy James.

Eddy is somewhat twisted though, he likes to take others out of context and make ad-hominem attacks, and I have come to the conclusion that he is and out and out hypocrite

He posted an article about our conversation on FB and I responded to him, of course the Oz house website doesn’t allow people to comment below their articles, who would allow criticism?

so needless to say I posted a comment below their about us section found here: http://ozhouse.org/about-us/


Hi Eddy James

I response to your article here (http://ozhouse.org/2013/03/09/libertards-occupy-occupy/) about the conversation below your FB post here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/267743436592740/555260834507664/?ref=notif&notif_t=group_comment_reply

and previous discussion here:

I can only say that clearly you do have an issue with taking people out of context and tarring them all with the same brush.
I can only say this to your ad-hominem attacks: https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/ad-hominem
lol you make me laugh

If you actually want me to pick apart your ideology I can, but the old saying goes:
You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

My challenge to debate you about your worldview stands, I’m happy to operate in the open and not hide behind a computer screen

If you choose not to publish this comment then clearly you are a hypocrite as above you have stated: [OzHouse strongly supports freedom of speech]




Needless to say Ozhouse has chosen not to publish the comment, and thus Eddy clearly proves he is a hypocrite…

see this type of person is dangerous because they say they will do one thing, yet they do another, needless to say it’s deception and hypocrisy at it’s best.

I polished off the FB conversation with a little:

~I just tried to provide your audience with a link to the actual conversation, which i note you did not… you claim to strongly support free speech but clearly you consider yourself the benevolent dictator… lol Eddy you should come and have a beer with me sometime, i might know something you don’t


~see this is the hypocrisy of your ideology: in one hand you say your not a libertarian and yet in the other you say that you believe in private property, in one hand you say you strongly support free speech and yet in the other you censor responses to you, in one hand say your for the truth and yet you don’t post a full link or full dialogue but only your version of the truth. if you call me a libertard then I can only call you a hypocrite… but at least i’m right

Needless to say Eddy is suffering from some mental problems, mainly in the areas of IQ, Cognition and Memory.   Like the coward he is he refuses to step out from behind his computer screen, but I should expect no less from a coward.

The challenge to debate is still open, will Eddy accept?  Personally I doubt it

I hope I have cleared up any doubts about this particular matter, if Eddy decides to delete the FB post he made then I have the screen shots and they will be posted as a comment, it is far easier to click on the link and read the source material for yourself.

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  1. Eddy James: if you have any good arguements that can withstand some criticism,( I.e. based on logic and evidence) we are happy to hear them here, and discuss accordingly.
    N.B. It would be better to say nothing, than say something ill considered.

  2. ive had exact same experience with him … refused to engage the facts or logic of the debate

  3. Has Eddy been at it again? We did notice some more interest in Eddy today on the stats page. I guess fame can be what you make it, a monument to your talent or a smoldering ruin desperate to hide under ivy.

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