Grumpy Cat Strikes Again


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  1. theprisonerno6

    Hilarity… you should give Nick a spot on your page so he can defend himself… seriously, it would be a good thing

  2. I would prefer to think of it as everyone’s page. There is nothing stoppping Nick from writing on One person was rejected, because they wanted to post under the banner of a political movement. Individual authors can decide whether they want to approve comments on their posts or not. To be an author you need to give an email address. Most of the posters here do not post with their real name. It’s mainly to protect people’s privacy. I am inclined to approve most comments but I would not allow a huge thread/shitfight like they happen on Facebook.

  3. I think Nick Carson is quite well represented with:
    Facebook main page
    Iceland secret group
    google groups
    contact & mailing lists
    MSM media contacts
    promoting himself as OM spokesman (unelected mind you)

    He has had these resources tightly controlled for ~18 months and excluded long standing members of the OM community from access. There has been no transparency or accountability.
    And what has he done with these resources? Just self promotion for himself and his cronies, riding on the backs of everyone one who did the work and took the risks.

    His cronies were trying to worm their way in here from the beginning and were shown the door. Inclusive applies to all cells except the cancer cells.

    This website was so *everyone else* could have a voice not Nick Carson and his polit-bureau.

    The danger of them hijacking this website or defaming it by using it as their own personal promotion tool is so great, they are not given a voice here.

    Though they are sure to be mentioned in the poor light they have cast on themselves.
    Karma’s a bitch huh?

    The sooner he returns the media control back to the OM community the sooner he will escape the growing vitriol.

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