Foreclose on the banks, Done! PS you’re a multi billionaire now.

You may have been reading thinking  well the world is  morally bankrupt. Some parts certainly are. But technically correct is the best kind of correct. So someone went out and turned the twisted legal system against itself and bankrupted all the bad guys, the banks (you probably don’t know about that own the banks you do know about the governments own by the banks etc.

So after the receivership is completed the money will be shared out amongst us all.

A you might have suspected with all the valueless money printing going on in the fiat currency system, mostly held by the banks them selves , there’s a ridiculous sum of money to carve up between us all.

32 quadrillion dollars 32,000,000,000,000,000,000, I think that is right.

So you each get 5 billion dollars each

So don’t party just yet, as we know most of the money has no real world value and if everyone has 5 billion dollars you are not vastly wealthy by comparison to the people next door.

So this is a story to watch unfold.

There is talk the reason the pope resigned was to avoid the Vatican being caught up in this bankruptcy.

More to come watch this space.

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