Facebook narcissists destroying social movements

Trying to use Facebook to create social change is like moving to China, getting citizenship and then protesting against the communist party. Facebook is the system, and its objective is to spy on you and your friends, collect evidence against you, and prevent any real social change.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result.

Albert Einstein

I wanted to change the world, but then my Facebook obsession got in the way. Obsession, perhaps addiction is a better word for it.

So what was Facebook designed for?

For American college kids to go to parties, play the popularity contest, and try to get laid.

So it’s essentially a popularity contest with the ultimate objective of self indulgence.

Facebook is essentially a tool of narcissism, distorted self perception and self delusion. A feedback loop of shallow superficial popularity and aggrandizement. Very little thought is actually required just click share or type LOL and watch the approval from your ‘friends’, many of whom you barely know, many you will never meet. Why will you never meet them? A good proportion are sock puppets, imaginary friends for grown ups who are a bit insane or just plainly manipulative.

So it’s a superficial anti-social illusion that can’t possibly create any positive social change.

Go on, create a page or group ‘demanding the worlds elites step down and release the reigns of power and free humanity’, Even if you do get 8 billion likes nothing will change.

The elites will laugh even if the page was allowed to continue,  most likely it would not be given a real chance to gain support.

Facebook is nothing more than a skinner box and a gilded cage for people who care about their fragile over inflated egos more than reality.

So keep clicking like and share on Facebook, you are doing the internet equivalent of masturbating in public, pointlessly pleasuring yourself while others look on, sadly most of the onlookers ( other Facebook users) will be doing the same thing.

Facebook is destroying activism and turning activists into narcissistic Facebook addicts.

Pics or it never happened?    Where’s the proof?

Early 2007 Narcissism  rising in college students.Late 2008 Facebook became more popular on the internet than 'sex' or 'free' possibly both. early 2009 MSNBC announces Narcissism epidemic. Look at how Facebook is trending all this time.

Early 2007 Narcissism rising in college students.Late 2008 Facebook became more popular on the internet than ‘sex’ or ‘free’ possibly both. early 2009 MSNBC announces Narcissism epidemic. Look at how Facebook is trending all this time.

Don’t believe me, make you own charts on Google trends.

Worst of all is the Facebook poseur who pretends to be an activist, because if you are under 30 being an activist is rebellious and ‘cool’.  These politically naive power tripping wannabes just make activism look bad and turn away well deserved mainstream support and real activists. They may claim to be a spokesperson for a movement  or cause and even promote it; on Facebook naturally (really they are just promoting them selves). Sometimes they  have the gall to actually turn up to protests, steal some lime light and then go back to their Facebook fantasy world and wallow in the imagined adulation. Of course they ignore the destruction and distortion to the cause they meddled with, 3 likes on Facebook was totally worth it.

Being famous is like being a woman, if you have to say you are you aren’t.

Zsa Zsa Gabor

I’ll repeat that for emphasis

If you have to say you are ______ , you aren’t _______ .

Please fill in the blanks yourself.

Ironically, someone will share this on Facebook.


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  1. Facebook is an ASIO spying tool and you better make sure you never post anything you don’t want them to know. If you are a political or Eco-activist or follow some weird-ass religion, you are pretty much filed under terrorist and they can get access to everything, even stuff you labelled private, including all your private messages. This is not a joke, I wish it was. Everything you have ever posted, including everything you have posted and deleted is forever stored in Ireland and can be retrieved if necessary.

    Welcome to the Orwellian state, but they were much cleverer than we ever thought would be possible, because we are volunteering the information. I have known this from the beginning and joined anyway because I thought I had nothing to hide. Now I realize that the beliefs I thought of as innocent would be considered a threat by the powers that be. Anybody who is not completely mainstream/brainwashed is a potential threat now. Anybody who is interested in things other than Kardashian/Big Brother/A Current Affair and whoever the current pop bimbo might be, is a threat. Thinking citizens are a threat, because they are beginning to see through the bullshit that the economic/political/religious corporations want them to believe.Lovely.

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