Christopher Dorner death faked by police. Alive: planning new retaliations

Lets face it the main stream media have done a very sloppy job over the whole Dorner story. So in making unsubstantiated assumptions like I have here is hardly lowering the bar, in fact I’m raising it. I’m actually going to ask some critical questions of the ‘story so far’.

Who Is Christopher Dorner?

Apparently a former US military man who joined the LAPD and ha a falling out over the fact they are corrupt.

All of this may be completely untrue.

Last week his drivers license was found on the Mexican border.

This week it was found next to a charred body in a small house the police burned to the ground by the police.

How did it get from Mexico by itself to the house?

So why didn’t the plastic ID burn/melt with the body?

This was done away from the media view and in violation of due process.

Since when did a seige not get media coverage, Waco was filmed, parts of gunman massacres are released to youtube, why not this?

How was Dorner identified before a dental examination of the charred body?

Was he ever in the building?

How does a military trained man on the run for alleged murder actually get caught by the police force he previously worked for in the state he worked in?

Surely he would have too much insider knowledge to get caught.

How does one get cornered in the woods anyway, can 70 people sneak up on any one successfully with not one of them standing on a snapping  twig?

This is all sounding like the “We just killed Osama bin Laden and dumped his body at sea a few hours later and took no photos”.

Are people just not able to ask simple questions any more?

I mean just basic stuff, simple tests of truth of statement we hear.

So if Christopher Dorner ever existed, he is most likely still alive. He is most likely  hiding out having a  beer right now, the only thing dead is sensible media coverage of the event.

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